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Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Company’s Instagram following

November, 2018

Every day, 400 million people all around the world use Instagram. This makes it the 4th most popular social media app in the world right now. And with its popularity rising each day, it’s no wonder that companies want to have a huge Instagram presence and following. If your company could use some help growing its Instagram following, simply keep reading.

Want to get more followers on Instagram?

Here are the top five ways that you can begin to grow your company’s Instagram following.

  • Post every day.

Studies show that posting on Instagram every day increases your company’s exposure, awareness and engagement. You can even post up to three times per day without overwhelming (and losing) followers.

  • Post what your customers want to see.

On that note of posting every day, however, it’s important that you don’t post just to post. Do some research to learn what your specific audience wants to see, and then post about that. You can also benefit from checking out what your competitors are posting about. Did they have one specific post that garnered thousands of “likes” and tons of comments and shares? Then it gives your company a good idea of what’s popular with your customers.

  • Use pictures and videos.

Pictures and videos are the most engaging forms of communication on social media. Today’s consumers are too busy to read long product descriptions or dig deep into websites. Pictures and videos are much easier for consumers and much more effective for businesses. In fact, YouTubers have recently become the most powerful social media figures to promote a brand. By adding lots of photos and videos to your company’s Instagram page, you’ll make people more engaged. Plus, adding pictures and videos increases the likelihood that people will comment on your Instagram page. More comments = more exposure = more people seeing your posts = more followers.

  • Engage with your customers.

Instagram is an amazing platform for interacting with your customers. When you “like” comments, customers feel that their comments are being heard and acknowledged by your company. And when you reply to their comments, they build an even stronger connection to your brand. Plus, even if they leave negative comments, it’s an opportunity to listen to their concerns and publicly remedy the situation.

  • Use #hashtags.

Believe it or not, hashtags are vital for growing your company’s Instagram following. Posting a photo or video with the right hashtag can expose your post to a huge audience, including many users who don’t yet follow you. By including an important hashtag in your photo, your current audience learns more about your company—and you’ve introduced yourself to a whole new audience too. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per photo. Don’t be afraid to use all 30!

Need help blowing up your Instagram following?

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