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Messenger Bots: Your Official Guide

October, 2018

When it comes to digital, messenger bots are all the rage. “Bot” is a term used to describe any software that automates a task. “Messenger bots” are used by companies to automate conversations with customers. They’re autonomous digital messages that can answer questions and provide quick, easy, automated responses. Programmed with simple artificial intelligence (AI), messenger bots have been shown to provide exponential growth for companies.

There are three main ways that messenger bots can help your business:

Give automated responses to your customers.

By doing this, a customer can simply hop online and the messenger bot will begin to ask questions. For example: If you go online and want to order pizza, the bot will ask: “What size pizza do you want to order?” and “What is the address where this pizza should be delivered?” As the customer answers, information is recorded and the pizza is delivered. The customer never had to make a phone call to place this order.

At the same time, customers can ask the bot a question—and the bot will answer with automated responses. For example: If you would like a restaurant recommendation, you can simply ask the messenger bot—and it will come up with a few recos for you.

Stay connected with your customers.

Messenger bots provide an exceptional way for businesses to stay connected to their customers. It’s a quick, easy way for customers to get all the information they need—without making a phone call or wading through pages of search results.

Record your customers’ information.

Messenger bots are also a great way for companies to record information about their customers. Going back to the pizza example—Once someone has placed an order through your bot, you now have their name, email address, phone number and more. Now you can continue your interactions with them, increasing their loyalty to your company.

Does your company need messenger bots?

Recently, messenger bots have been shown to help increase growth for a company, as well as strengthen customer relationships. But how do you know if your company could benefit from a messenger bot? Ask yourself these three questions.

Do you spend too much time answering the same questions over and over?

By using a messenger bot to give automated responses, your company can keep track of which questions it receives regularly—and have automated responses set and ready to go for these often-asked questions. That frees up your employees to do more productive things rather than answer the same questions again and again.

Do you want to maintain a great connection with your customers?

Bots are an incredible way to do this. They’re a quick, easy way for your customer to engage with your company, get their questions answered and feel like they were heard and cared about. Win-win.

Do you want to send special promotions to your customers?

Another perk of messenger bots is that they allow a company to get a customer’s information, which can come in handy if you want to spend special promotions to customers.

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then a messenger bot could be extremely beneficial for your business.

If you need help setting up a messenger bot, just reach out to us at BuzzBin Media. We specialize in helping companies build their social media presence—and we’d love to help you get started with messenger bots today.

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