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How Can Reviews Help Your Business?

September, 2018

Twenty years ago, reviews only came through word of mouth.  In today’s digital age, however, reviews are everywhere. No matter what you look up online, you’ll likely find a review.  And reviews are powerful.  Especially for businesses, reviews have the power to help change, expand and improve in countless ways.  Read on to learn how reviews can help your business—and how we can help—starting today.

Why do people choose certain businesses over others?

Simply put: because of reviews.  When people look for a certain service, they want a business that’s reliable.  And rather than pick up the phone and call friends for opinions, most people choose the faster route: a quick Internet search.  Does a business have one star? It’s not gonna cut it. Five stars and glowing words of praise? Booked.

Making sure that your company has great reviews that are easily accessible for customers can be the difference between silence and the phone ringing off the hook.

Why are reviews so important for your business?

When people leave reviews online, it’s a great opportunity to get some insight into how your business is doing.

You obviously want those reviews to be positive.  And when they are, that’s great! It shows what you’re doing well and what you should keep doing—and hopefully, it brings even more customers.

But what about when a review isn’t so good?  Before you panic, make the best of the situation.  Evaluate the poor review objectively. Is this something your business can take as constructive criticism, learn from and improve upon?  Then it’s important to do that. In addition, not-so-great reviews give your business the opportunity to reply to the review, apologize if necessary and ask how you can make it right.  This shows honesty and professionalism that your customers will appreciate.

Why are reviews so important for your customers?

In today’s world where it seems like everyone has an online profile, customers want to be heard.  And when they have any type of feedback—positive or negative—about a business, they want to know that their opinion matters.  Reviews help do that.

When a customer can become engaged with a business through a review, it’s always a positive step.  They feel better connected to your business—and you’ve used the opportunity to build loyalty between your business and your customers.  Win-win.

Is your business set up for success?

Because so many people choose businesses based on reviews, it’s important that your business is set up to accept reviews, act on any feedback you receive and use the opportunity to engage with your customers.  That’s a recipe for success!

At BuzzBin Media, we specialize in helping your business with customer reviews.  We’re here to help you use reviews to improve both your business’ reputation and your customer experience.  Let us help you take control of those important online reviews. To get started, give us a call today at 513-549-5595.

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