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Top 4 Reasons That Manufacturing Businesses Should Be On Social Media

September, 2018

Over the past few years, social media has exploded in popularity.  Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or something else—if it’s social media, it’s on fire.  Although social media was initially meant to connect people, it’s quickly becoming just as important as a tool to help businesses grow.

Social media is especially important for manufacturing businesses.  These businesses thrive when their brand is more public and when they can quickly and easily interact with their customers.  And that’s exactly what social media aims to do.

Here are the top four reasons that manufacturing businesses can really benefit from being on social media.

It increases brand awareness.

When a manufacturing business is on social media, that means that the vast audience of social media users have a better chance of coming in contact with your brand.  Whether it be a simple ad, a quick status update or a lengthy post, having a brand or business be visible on social media greatly increases the amount of people who eventually come to recognize it.

It brings more people to your website.

Just as being on social media increases the amount of people familiar with your manufacturing business, it also piques more peoples’ interest in your company.  This means that more people will search for your company or go straight to your website. More traffic to your manufacturing business’ website equals more business and revenue for you.

It allows you to target ads to your target market.

The way social media makes its money is through advertising.  And when your manufacturing business places an ad, you have the ability to target those ads to your target market or audience.  That means you can specifically target ads to a certain group of people—and they’re more likely to click through to get more information about your company.  Who can argue with that?

It helps you build relationships with your customers.

The beauty of social media is that is allows for quick, easy interactions between businesses and consumers.  Before social media, you’d have to call a business and potentially wait on hold forever—or maybe send an email and see if you’d hear back.  But with social media, it’s easy for your customers to post a quick question or comment on your business’ social media page. Then, you have the opportunity to respond with timely, helpful information.  Your customers are happy that their question or comment was acknowledged and answered—and you’re happy that your customer’s loyalty to your company has likely increased.

Are you convinced about the many benefits of manufacturing businesses being on social media?  If you answered “yes,” look no further than the social media experts at BuzzBin Media.

At BuzzBin Media, we specialize in helping companies build their social media presence.  We’ll create and share content on any social media platform you’d like—so we can help build your audience and you can stay focused on your business.

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