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How Can Videos Boost Your Company’s Social Media?

November, 2018

Social media is all the rage for businesses right now. It offers a unique way for companies to truly interact with their customers—which is beneficial for both parties. And what’s a proven way to boost your company’s social media even more? Video.

Today’s consumers are too busy to read long product descriptions or dig deep into websites. Seeing a product or company in action is much easier. What’s the solution for that? Video.

Read on to learn all about how video can boost your company’s social media presence and following.

The importance of video on social media

When it comes to social media right now, there’s nothing hotter than video. In fact, YouTubers have recently become the most powerful social media figures to promote a brand.

The benefits of posting videos on your company’s social media pages are truly endless. Here are the top three reasons that video is so very important for your company’s social media.

Video increases brand awareness.

Because video is so popular right now, people are more prone than ever to not only watch videos, but also to share them. As people watch more and more videos, the awareness of your brand grows. And then when people share your video, it grows even more. That’s priceless.

Video strengthens engagement.

By posting videos on your company’s social media pages, your customers not only become more aware of your brand—they also become more and more engaged with your brand. In fact, studies show that videos lead directly to better sales. In a recent study, 74% of social media users who watched a video about a product then bought it.

Video increases website traffic.

As more and more people watch videos on social media, this increases the opportunity for those consumers to want to learn more about your product or service. And where do they go to learn more? Your website. What do more views of your website lead to? More sales.

Video has never been more popular than it is today! It engages consumers in a whole new way. If your company is serious about social media and content marketing, it’s vital that you’re serious about video too.

Need help creating and sharing a video on social media?

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