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Review Management for Insurance Agents

Control your reputation Get new reviews.
Sell more policies.

88% of customers use online reviews to make purchase decisions. Most insurance agencies have 2 Google reviews or fewer — more reviews can give you the competitive edge you need.
With BirdEye, automatically collect new reviews on sites like Google and Facebook to turn your clients into your marketing engine.

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    BirdEye Integrates With The Review Sites That Matter
    Most To Your Business

    Build clients’ trust
    with new reviews

    Easily gather new reviews from your clients via automated SMS and MMS alerts sent to their mobile devices. BirdEye sends clients straight to top sites like Google and Facebook, and establishing credibility to prospects.

    Dominate regional competition on Google search

    Local listings are the third most influential factor in search engine rankings. Keep up-to-date and consistent business information (name, address and phone) across 50+ consumer sites and business directories that matter most to your business so you’re found easily in online searches.

    Display all your reviews and updated business information on your personalized business micro-site from BirdEye — optimized for search engines and indexed by Google. When prospects search for insurance companies in your area, they’ll find an overview of your great reputation right on page 1 of results.

    Resolve all problems
    before policy renewal

    Monitor your online reviews from all the top sites like Google,Facebook, Yahoo and Consumer Affairs — all from one clean dashboard.

    Make sure policy and fee updates don’t damage customer loyalty. Receive real-time alerts whenever you get a negative review, and respond immediately to fix issues before they escalate.

    Use clients’ testimonials
    to sell more policies

    The best marketing content is written by your customers. Automatically publish the reviews of your choice on your website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Create a solid, online reputation that clients can trust.

    Mobile app

    Engage with your customers on-the-go to improve their experience and acquire new customers–all from one cohesive dashboard that fits in your pocket. Push a button, get reviews, connect with all your customers. It’s that simple.

    Premium support

    Get results quickly and guidance is just a click away with access to our world class support team.

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